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How many body lotions do you own for your personal use?
  • None - 9%
  • 1 - 20%
  • 2-3 - 37%
  • 4-5 - 15%
  • 6 or more - 17%
Courtesy of Vaseline
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Thanks for answering! If you said you own more than one body lotion you’re not alone! In fact, 61 percent of women in a recent survey* said they own more than one body lotion, and almost one-fourth say they own more than four.

Why do women own multiple lotions? Sometimes women feel they have to make a tradeoff between a lotion that feels good, or one that works well, and as a result they buy multiple lotions. Try keeping your skincare routine simple and stick to it with a daily lotion that feels good on skin and does good for skin–like improved Vaseline® Total Moisture® Lotion.

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*Source: 2012 survey conducted by RedShift on Vaseline’s behalf of 1,000 women across the U.S.

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