Hobbies For Happiness Quiz

Which activities make you the happiest?
Let’s find out.


Hobbies for Happiness Quiz

This quiz will find your “flow” activities—hobbies that so deeply satisfy and challenge you, you lose track of time.

Finding the perfect fit between your passion and skills brings out your most beautiful self—a happy, confident you.

8 minutes to complete


What are we measuring?
Your “person-activity fit”, or the activities from which you’ll reap the most health and beauty benefits.

How are we measuring it?
Using a short version of the Person-Activity Fit Diagnostic, adapted from Ken Sheldon, Ph.D. by Sonja Lyubomirsky, Ph.D.

How does it relate to beauty?
Engaging in activities that make you happy brings out your most beautiful self. Finding “flow” is proven to bring you happiness.