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“You should so buy that dress. It looks like it was made for you!”

“Nice purse. How much did that cost?”

“Can you spot me for dinner? I’ll get you back next time … ”

While usually there’s no one more supportive than our girlfriends, we also know there are a lot of funny things we say when it comes to money.

And the fact is, there are certain types of “friends” who can be downright hazardous to your financial health.

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Sometimes their influence is so subtle you might not even realize they’re impacting your spending patterns. But studies have proven that everything from how much we weigh to how much we spend—and the investment decisions we make—are affected by who we’re closest to.

Which is why we decided to take a closer look at the most common types of financial frenemies—in other words, our field guide to pals you might want to steer clear of, at least when you have your wallet in hand, or a budget in place.

If you have a frenemy who fits this description, or know a different type, please share in the comments.

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