lust vodka increases sex drive

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It's not quite Viagra in a bottle.

real brides advice

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Weddings can have more drama than an episode of "The Bachelorette." Here's how to be the best bridesmaid possible (so your bride can keep her cool!).

glow condoms STIs

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This rave-worthy invention may become the fastest STD detection on the market.

hottest dilfs

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We put together a slideshow of the hottest dads out there, so you didn't have to.

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It turns out single fatherhood is a mental shortcut to learning desirable traits about a potential new man.

marriage proposal

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Money is no object when you're trying to get your significant other to pop the question, right?

miley cyrus

5 4166 long as it's consenting and doesn't involve an animal.

man cheating

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Is it because they fear their masculinity is at stake?

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Durex created a SFW sex tutorial disguised as a sumo wrestling video.

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The actress now says she was not quoted fully.

Latest In

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Use a gentle tapping motion to spread product over eye area to help prevent fine lines.

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Herbs galore! Here's a how-to for making herb butter and some recipes you'll love.

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Find burn relief in your kitchen!

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