The Secret To Success: Good Grooming

ABC’s “Pan Am” TV show isn’t just bringing the airline back, it’s also bringing workplace-sexy back.

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| September 30th, 2011

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At her current job, she is hardly bound by the same dress code restrictions, but those lessons are something she still carries with her to work today. She still refreshes her makeup during the day; she still uses a bold color palate; she still blots her lipstick. “Our appearance reflects our whole attitude,” Cozzi says. Good grooming, especially wearing makeup she argues, is “important because it shows how you value your job and the people that you’re working with.”           

In turn, as the studies have shown, your colleagues value you for your attractiveness. And when you feel like you look your best, that is exactly how you are perceived. It’s a win-win situation that has been getting a bad rap as trends in American fashion slip into more casual, comfortable wear.

But between the research findings and a show like “Pan Am” on the air (and lest we forget the red lips and coiffed hair of "Mad Men"), people might just be inspired to turn things around.

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Well, if not the general population, at least you, our fair reader, can use this knowledge to your own career advantage.

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