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  • Louboutin_nail_polish_50

    Christian Louboutin is Selling a $675 Nail Polish

    And it's covered in crystals.

  • Redhead_cancer_gene_50

    The Skin Cancer News Redheads Need to Know

    Research reveals a connection between the gene that makes hair red and melanoma risk.

  • Resveratrol_50

    Could Resveratrol Be the Secret to Clearer Skin?

    Research shows some promising results for acne sufferers.

  • Myla_50

    Calvin Klein Model Myla Dalbesio Responds to Controversy

    Dalbesio instead refers to herself as an "in-between."

  • We_tried_it_deodorant_50

    We Tried It: Piperwai Natural Deodorant

    Looking for a good natural deodorant alternative? We've found a good one.

  • Moles_50

    Holy Moly: What You Can Do Now To Prevent Moles Later

    Pro tip: wear a wide-brimmed hat.

  • We_tried_it_glow_renewal_50

    We Tried it: L'Oréal Paris Age Perfect Glow Renewal

    It's for women who want to restore their skin's "youthful" appearance.

  • Neroli_oil_50

    Neroli Oil: The Ideal Face Oil for Oily Skin

    This African oil is amazing for all skin types—but especially oilier ones.

  • We_tried_it_sparitual_50

    We Tried It: SpaRitual Nail Lacquer

    A bitter disappointment.

  • Skin_lightening_cream_bad_50

    5 Things Everyone Should Know About Skin Bleaching

    The medicinal uses of skin lightening are often obscured or unexplored.

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