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  • Sugar_skin_50

    The Holidays, Sugar and Your Skin

    Get through the season without wrecking your complexion.

  • Skinlightening3_50

    Social Activism Through Skincare

    Bringing an anti-skin-lightening message to rural Ghana.

  • Skin_lightening_africa_50

    The Social History of Skin Lightening in Africa

    How did it become such a crisis?

  • Skinlightening2_50

    This Fashion Designer Won't Use Models Who Bleach Their Skin

    The message: Dark skin is beautiful.

  • Skinlightening_50

    Lupita Nyong'o Is Inspiring African Women to Stop Bleaching Their Skin

    It's more rampant than you think.

  • 50x50

    3 Essential Ingredients for Dissolving Blackheads

    And one ingredient you need to avoid.

  • Bfskinceuticals_50

    Beauty File: Skinceuticals' New Breakthrough Anti-Aging Serum

    Help your skin repair its own damage with this powerful antioxidant-packed skin saver.

  • Microbeads_thumb

    Is Your Face Wash Destroying the Environment?

    Maybe. Here's how to choose a more environmentally friendly exfoliator.

  • Benefits_oily_skin_50

    Good News for Oily Skin

    It might be pesky now, but you'll be thankful for it as you age. Trust us.

  • Dark_circle_types_t

    What's Your Under Eye Circle Type?

    Learn yours and start making them disappear!

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