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  • Beautiful_2014_50

    5 Ways to Have the Most Beautiful 2014 Possible

    Focus on these key factors to make health and beauty a priority throughout the new year.

  • Sage_infographic_50

    The 5 Surprising Superpowers of Sage

    This super-plant has been used for centuries to treat some of the biggest beauty woes.

  • Holiday_good_skin_50

    6 Steps to Stress-Free Holiday Skin

    Sneak in these skin-saving habits to keep a gorgeous glow throughout the season.

  • New_ways_exfoliate_50

    3 New Ways to Exfoliate for Clearer Skin

    Or favorite new products are gentle and effective, so you don't have to scrub skin raw to see results.

  • Ask_scientist_thm

    Ask a Scientist: Why Is It Bad to Pop My Pimples?

    You know how satisfying it is to pop a zit—find out how destructive it can be.

  • Manuka_honey_50

    Can Manuka Honey Treat Acne?

    We de-mystify the health benefits of Reddit’s popular DIY acne spot treatment.

  • Acne_cure_probiotic_thm

    Study: Could Probiotics Cure Acne?

    A breaking study suggests that the cure for acne could lie in the science of bacteria.

  • Beauty_gadgets_50

    3 Skin Gadgets That Work

    Read our reviews before dropping dough on a high-tech tool.

  • Ceramides_50

    Boost Your Skin's Health With Soothing Ceramides

    Any skin type can benefit from this calming and skin-strengthening ingredient.

  • Dry_skin_50

    Cold Weather Skin Therapy: How to Treat Dryness

    The how’s, the why’s and the best proven products to fight dry skin.

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