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  • 50_sunscreen_savvy

    6 Essential Tips for Sunscreen Shopping

    Take the guesswork out of shopping for this anti-ager numero uno.

  • Vitamin-d_50x50_thumbnail copy

    The Vitamin D And Sun Debate

    Once and for all, the truth about vitamin D and the sun.

  • Sun_help_acne_t

    The Sun and Acne: Does It Really Help?

    Will sunning your face fix acne? Here's the truth.

  • Sun_spots_genetic_t

    Can You Blame Your Sun Spots on Your Parents?

    A new study finds family skin history might be more important than you thought.

  • Diy_facemasks_t

    Berry Sunburn Soother

    Get some sweet relief from this easy, homemade mixture.

  • 50_ethnic_skin

    The Truth About Sun Protection And Dark Skin

    Think that deeper skin tones are naturally protected from sun damage? That assumption could be deadly.

  • Sun_supplements_50

    Can a Pill Replace Your Sunscreen?

    We asked leading experts if popping a pill will actually protect you against UV rays.

  • Woman_sun_hat_50

    How to Reverse Sun Damage

    Your best bet for undoing the summer fun written all over your face.

  • Netamo_june_50

    Can This Bracelet Prevent Sun Damage?

    The Netatmo June looks chic and makes cool claims. But is it just complicating the issue?

  • 50_sunscreen_regulations

    New FDA Sunscreen Regulations

    What do the new F.D.A. regulations mean for your sunscreen and your skin? Get the full story.

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