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  • Neroli_oil_50

    Neroli Oil: The Ideal Face Oil for Oily Skin

    This African oil is amazing for all skin types—but especially oilier ones.

  • We_tried_it_sparitual_50

    We Tried It: SpaRitual Nail Lacquer

    A bitter disappointment.

  • Skin_lightening_cream_bad_50

    5 Things Everyone Should Know About Skin Bleaching

    The medicinal uses of skin lightening are often obscured or unexplored.

  • Skinlightening_50

    Lupita Nyong'o Is Inspiring African Women to Stop Bleaching Their Skin

    It's more rampant than you think.

  • We_tried_it_smith_cult_50

    We Tried It: Smith & Cult Nailed Lacquer

    This luxe polish survived a weekend in the wilderness.

  • We_tried_it_h2o_50

    We Tried It: H2O Plus Sea Lavender Extract Body Lotion

    As it starts to get colder out, the search for a moisturizing body lotion is on.

  • Halloween_skull_nails_50

    Easy Halloween Nail Tutorial: Spookily Adorable Skulls

    Skulls never looked so cute.

  • Halloween_black_fade_nails_50

    Easy Halloween Nail Tutorial: Glittery Black Fade

    Get these ombre glitter nails from celebrity nail artist Miss Pop.

  • Zombie_nails_50

    Easy Halloween Nail Tutorial: Badass Zombie Stitches

    Nail art so easy ... you'll die (sorry.)

  • Skin_cancer_77_times_50

    This Woman Has Had Skin Cancer 77 Times

    The biggest warning about tanning salons you'll ever read.

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