Ayurvedic Skincare: A Beginner’s Guide

The ancient healing practice offers a holistic approach to combating common skin and health conditions. Here’s your guide on where to start.

| July 24th, 2013

Ayurvedic Skincare: A Beginner’s Guide

Ayurveda, like yoga, is a centuries-old tradition that originated in India. This ancient medicinal system—which is experiencing a surge in popularity here in the West—teaches that good health comes from a balance of the body, mind and spirit, and that a body out of balance signals its needs through symptoms. Accordingly, that breakout on your face could mean that something in your body is out of whack.

“In the Ayurvedic perspective, the body doesn’t ever create a symptom without a good reason,” says Dr. John Douillard, an Ayurvedic and chiropractic physician and director of LifeSpa Ayurvedic Retreat Center in Boulder, Colo. “Every symptom is an attempt by the body to heal itself.”

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Ayurveda aims to heal physical and mental ailments based on individual energy types called doshas. According to Ayurvedic principles, everything and everyone possesses the qualities of four elements: fire, water, earth and air. Combinations of these elements determine your individual dosha (Vata, Pitta or Kapha). “It’s a holistic approach that takes all the guesswork out of getting healthy,” says Kulreet Chaudhara, M.D., the Director of Wellspring Health in La Jolla, Calif. “For each unique body type, there exists a simple, direct prescriptive path to becoming a balanced, happy person with the least amount of effort.”

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Once you determine your type (Take a quiz here), you can follow a diet and skincare regimen to help keep your body—and complexion—perfectly in check. “Your skin is really a reflection of your digestion, and fixing the problem on the surface doesn’t address the deeper issues present,” Chaudhary says. “Ayurveda helps find where the problems originate and fix them at the root.”


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