Anti-Aging Science: Biotech Skincare That Works

So many skincare companies make outrageous claims based on "science,"but biotechnological companies put their money where their mouth is.

Biotech Skincare That Works

What may scare some people about biotechnological ingredients (made from modifying living organisms) tends to excite me.

Why? Because I know that these ingredients have not just popped up overnight making ridiculous claims based on two months of playing around with cells in a petri dish or “lab grown” skin (yes, skin can be grown in a lab; that’s another discussion for another day).

Even if companies making outrageous claims have done clinical trials (real people using the product as directed for a specified amount of time) on these ingredients, most of the clinical studies are poorly designed and seriously flawed.

From a formulator’s perspective, the more data gathered on the efficacy of an ingredient the better. If the product has been proven to work in the medical field then that’s even better!

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There are two types of companies in the skincare industry—those that are marketing-driven and those that are science-driven. Marketing isn't necessarily bad—all products (even science-driven ones) must have a marketing story otherwise it wouldn’t capture your attention, and that’s just not good business.

But many companies come up with their marketing strategy first (what product they want to create; how they want to position it) and then hastily throw in ingredients backed by poorly-designed clinical trials in order to make claims.

However, there are companies that focus on the science of the ingredients first, and then build stories around them based on results that were years in the making. Companies like Neocutis and LiftLab have products that revolve around biotechnological ingredients that may seem a little intimidating but if you are a progressive beauty user then you will find these products very intriguing. 

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