Top 13 Beauty Tips for 2013

Is this the year you're putting your health and beauty at the forefront? Cross these things off your list.

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7. Make Work Brighter: Start the new year off right by making your workdays brighter. Do something nice for a colleague, bake some cookies for the office or simply change your outlook on a challenging project by taking it in small steps at a time! This will make not only you feel better, but your work environment better for you!

8. Get in Gear: There’s no better time than now to switch up your workout regimen and try something new from the increasingly popular Zumba classes to yoga to Pilates. Also, make sure you mix things up by using weights and do more aerobics and cardio to get your heart rate up! Additionally, work on improving muscle tone. There will be fewer problems with osteoporosis and better balance for you later in life if you do!

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9. Try a New Look: A new haircut and a new, trendy outfit can go a long way in changing your outlook. Try one of the latest fashion trends for winter like an infinity scarf!

10. Smile More: It’s extremely important to floss your teeth daily, get regular cleanings, address any dental issues immediately and only whiten once a year. Any more than that can cause irreversible damage.

11. Lose Those Pesky “11s:” Skip the stressed look this year by seeing your dermatologist for treatment with Botox Cosmetic (onabotulinumtoxinA) which can help get rid of those pesky “11” lines between your brows and rejuvenate your look. It's a surprisingly easy way to transform your entire face.

12. Do Not Rub Your Eyes: Rubbing your eyes creates dark circles and makes you look tired and old. If you have allergies use OTC antihistamines and ice packs to cool irritation.

13. Skip the Tanning Bed: No tanning bed ever again, no matter what the occasion. A base tan gives you only an SPF of 3. This will not protect you from getting burned and it increases your chances of getting skin cancer in the future. According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, tanning beds have 12 to 15 times more ultra violet radiation than the actual sun.

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