9 Summer Fruits to Slather on Your Face

Take advantage of all this season's produce has to offer—not just the internal benefits, but the external ones, too!

| July 18th, 2013

You don’t have to venture to some fancy schmancy spa to get your summer glow on. Scoring healthy, beautiful skin could be as simple as opening your refrigerator and whipping up a homemade cleanser, mask or moisturizer. That’s because seasonal fresh fruits—which are chock-full of all sorts of yummy nutrients—can be just as tasty for your face as they are for your taste buds.

So head down to your local farmer’s market, gather up some of the season’s best produce, and get ready to mash, slather and scrub your way to more beautiful summer skin.

Photo: Valerie Fischel, Styling: Anthony D'Argenzio/Zio & Sons
9 Summer Fruits to Slather on Your Face

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