Secret Beauty Oils From Around the World

Secret Beauty Oils From Around the World

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Ever since African argan oil made its debut on the beauty scene, tons of companies have been scouring the globe for indigenous beauty oils in hopes of finding the next big thing.

So what makes these worldly oils so desirable? Incorporating healthy nutrients and vitamins into your skincare regimen (just like you would in your diet) seems like a new and novel concept. But this is exactly what cultures around the world have been doing for centuries: using natural, plant-based oils in beautifying (and healing) rituals. It’s only very recently that American women have finally started to explore the true beauty potential of adding them into their daily routines.

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Victoria Fantauzzi, founder of La Bella Figura, which touts its own beauty-enhancing oil, credits their recent emergence and acceptance to the fact that women are seeing the overwhelming results and they’re becoming savvy enough in terms of beauty to lust after what’s proven to solve their skin concerns. “And I think that it’s worked so well for so many women that it no longer can be neglected that this is a fad or this is too crazy to try,” Fantauzzi adds.

To get you acquainted with these potent skin-transforming and hair-repairing enhancers, we scoped out some of the best beauty oils from around the world, with centuries-old roots proving their effectiveness. And they’re all showing up online and on store shelves today.

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