Hard Water: Is It Causing Your Acne?

Your tap water could be behind breakouts, redness and even eczema. Read on for the latest research.

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| November 16th, 2011

Some, after making this discovery, have quit tap water cold turkey—opting to cleanse with anhydrous (no water necessary) products or bottled water (so Paris Hilton). Washing with distilled water often leaves those unaccustomed with a “slippery” feeling, as the water instantly lathers and dismantles the soap scum later that lingers on skin.

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But for those who can’t resist that refreshing rush of H20 pouring down on their faces in the shower each morning, they can opt for products that contain chelators, an organic complex that sequesters the heavy metals on the surface of the skin, preventing them from penetrating into the pores and causing damage. Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare’s Hydra-Pure™ Intense Moisture Cream is infused with Dr. Gross’s Chelating Complex, which he says “is likened to washing your face with pure H20.”

Because even though it seems you can buy a potion for every pore in the skincare market these days, nothing beats a cleansing with pure, ol’fashioned H20.

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