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Learn the actress' strategy to ensure a full night's sleep.

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Learn how to get rid of these avoidable wrinkles.

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Luckily, covering undereye circles is pretty easy with the right tools.

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Find out why sleep is so essential to healthy, younger-looking skin.

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Here's how to refuel your mind and body through sleep.

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Boozing it up leads to insomnia over time.

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There are a million benefits to getting a good night's rest-here are the ones you should care about.

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A new study shows that slimming down is your ticket to a better night's sleep.

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Need help getting more shut-eye? Try adding these sleep-inducing eats to your plate.

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Want to nab some shut-eye without resorting to sleep medications? Try these natural remedies.

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We already know that married people are healthier. Now, researchers at Duke have learned that getting a divorce may also increase the chance of a heart attack, especially among...

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