Wardrobe 911: What To Wear When You Work From Home

If you work from home, it’s super tempting to spend the day in PJs and slippers. But, after a while that can be a drab. You need just the right balance between comfort and style. Luckily, working from home gives you a little more leeway with dress code, so you can totally have fun with your outfits.

Here are some staple pieces to add to your wardrobe that’ll have you looking put together even from home:

Chunky Knit Sweaters: Get a couple of large sweaters of different colors to pair with jeans or a skirt. This will give you a neat, and casual look. This is perfect for the fall or winter and it works great if you keep your home cool in the summer.

Culottes: A pair of culottes are super comfortable and stylish. Simply pair it with a plain white t-shirt.

Flowy Blouses: You can jazz up a pair of dark-wash jeans, or shorts with a printed blouse. The loose feeling will keep you from feeling constricted while the prints keep you stylish.

Elevated T-shirt: Instead of getting just a basic tee, go for a tee with lace or embroidery. These simple details will add a little spice to your day.

Printed Pants: Nothing feels more comfortable than comfortable stretch pants. They are casual, but fitted enough to make you feel sexy.

Sleek Sneaker: Although you may be tempted to just wear flip flops at home, why not opt for a pair of sneakers.

Mid-Length Dresses: One of the easiest pieces to add to your wardrobe is a mid-length dress. Just grab it and put it on for an instant great look.



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