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    Ask a Scientist: Why Do Happy Things Make Me Cry?

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  • Ask Scientist Period A

    Ask a Scientist: Is Period Syncing for Real?

    People say that when you work or live with a lot of women you get on the same menstrual cycle. We get into the science of syncing.
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  • Ask Scientist Toxic Shock Syndrome

    Ask a Scientist: Is Toxic Shock Syndrome for Real?

    You've heard about Toxic Shock, but do you really need to worry about it? Find out.
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  • Ask Scientist Vaginal Discharge A

    Ask a Scientist: I Have Vaginal Discharge Every Day. How Do I Know What's Normal?

    An OB/GYN explains what discharge should look and smell like throughout different stages of ovulation and menstruation.
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  • Sleep Bra A

    Ask a Scientist: Should I Sleep in a Bra?

    Should I sleep in a bra? A plastic surgeon answers the question of whether this keeps your breasts from sagging.
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  • Askascientist Lar

    Ask a Scientist: Is There Such a Thing as Being “Big Boned”?

    An orthopedist explains what being "big boned" really means.
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  • Aska Toothbrush Sick A

    Ask a Scientist: Do You Have to Change Your Toothbrush After You've Been Sick?

    Do you have to change your toothbrush after being sick? We asked a scientist.
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  • Ask Scientist Mascara Below Eye A

    Ask a Scientist: Why Does My Mascara End Up Under My Eyes?

    Find out how to prevent this annoying makeup mishap.
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  • Ask Scientist Ponytails A

    Ask a Scientist: Are Ponytails Bad for My Hair?

    A dermatologist explores the kind of damage you can do to your hair by wearing a ponytail.
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  • Ask Scientist Water Massage A

    Ask a Scientist: Why Do You Have to Drink Water After a Massage?

    When you get a massage why do they tell you to drink a lot of water later? A licensed massage therapist explains.
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  • Ask Scientist Ch

    Ask a Scientist: Why Is It Bad to Pop My Pimples?

    In this installment of Ask a Scientist, dematologist Jeanine B. Downie, M.D., explains why it's dangerous to pop pimples—and the long term beauty effects.
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