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  • How To Turn Down Plans A

    How to Cancel Plans Without Looking Like a Total Flake (or a Jerk)

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  • Player A

    Top 10 Signs He’s a Player

    Wondering whether he's a keeper or a playboy? Look for these signs and learn to protect yourself.
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  • Womans Body A

    All About Women’s Body Shape

    Viren Swami, Ph.D. and YouBeauty Attraction Expert, introduces you to the research on why your body shape is important to your health and beauty.
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  • Face Attractiveness

    Pleasant Scents Make Us More Attractive, Says Science

    Roses make us more attractive, fish makes us less, says new science from Monell Chemical Senses Center.
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  • Emotional Cheating

    What Counts as Emotional Cheating?

    Where is the line between "just friends" and emotional infidelity? Our Relationship Expert explains how to tell what is OK and what is non-physical infidelity.
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  • Young Divorced

    Young and Divorced: How to Bounce Back

    Young divorce common, even though many people wait to get married. Nearly 10 percent of white women were divorced by age 30.
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  • Conscious Coupling

    Conscious Coupling: 10 Lessons for Lasting Love

    Gwenyth Paltrow talked about her conscious uncoupling from Chris Martin. But the important part comes before you tie the knot.
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  • Technology Relationships H Article

    Digital Rules for Relationships

    Help managing relationships and technology. What are the rules when it comes to cellphones and text messaging in a relationship?
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  • Women Sexuality A

    Women's Sexuality is a Spectrum

    Research on women's sexuality suggests that love and attraction aren't exclusively straight or gay.
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