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  • Muffin Top H Article

    Clothes That Make Your Muffin Top Disappear

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  • Accept Size H Article

    Accept Your Size—and Be Healthy at the Same Time

    The standards for what makes a person overweight are vague. But leading a healthy lifestyle is more important than trying to drop pounds when it comes to long-term health goals.
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  • Animal Flow Ch

    Animal-Inspired Body Sculpting Moves

    This new fitness class uses animal-inspired moves to provide a full-body workout that combines muscle-toning and cardio fitness.
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  • Ask Scientist Ch

    Ask a Scientist: Is Muscle Soreness Good or Bad?

    When your muscles ache after a workout, is that a sign of progress or injury? Depends on the kind of sore you are.
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  • Hailey H Article

    A Tribute To Haley

    Our self-image expert shares the story of an inspiring patient and her personal struggle to overcome anorexia.
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