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  • Feminism

    Feminism May Help You Like Your Body

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  • Concentration Curl Ch

    The Single Best Exercise for Toned Biceps, Says Science

    According to science, this is the best arm exercise you can do for toning your biceps.
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  • Muffin Top H Article

    Clothes That Make Your Muffin Top Disappear

    Getting rid of your muffin top takes time, a healthy diet and regular exercise. But in the meantime, the way you dress can help conceal this problem area.
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  • Accept Size H Article

    Accept Your Size—and Be Healthy at the Same Time

    The standards for what makes a person overweight are vague. But leading a healthy lifestyle is more important than trying to drop pounds when it comes to long-term health goals.
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  • 648 Healthometer

    The Best Weight Loss Tool

    When you're losing weight you should measure your waist with a tape measure instead of a scale.
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  • Ask Scientist Ch

    Ask a Scientist: What is Cellulite, Really?

    We asked YouDocs Dr. Oz and Dr. Roizen to explain what cellulite really is and what we can do about it, in our Ask a Scientist series.
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  • Fitness Bracelts Opening

    The Five Best Fitness Trackers

    Many gadgets and apps tout their abilities to track your activity levels, both while awake and asleep. We put them to the test to determine which were most effective in tracking our workouts, level of fitness and sleeping patterns.
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  • Animal Flow Ch

    Animal-Inspired Body Sculpting Moves

    This new fitness class uses animal-inspired moves to provide a full-body workout that combines muscle-toning and cardio fitness.
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  • Ask Scientist Ch

    Ask a Scientist: Is Muscle Soreness Good or Bad?

    When your muscles ache after a workout, is that a sign of progress or injury? Depends on the kind of sore you are.
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