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  • Feminism

    Feminism May Help You Like Your Body

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  • Tanning Addiction

    Ask a Scientist: Can You Really Get Addicted to Tanning?

    Some studies show tanning addiction has properties similar to nicotine and heroin addiction.
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  • Street Harassment

    The 7 Stages of Street Harassment

    Blogger Rachel Renock shares the 7 stages of thought a woman goes through when she's the victim of street harassment.
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  • Backhanded Compliments A

    How to Recognize a Backhanded Compliment

    When your friends, family or co-workers make comments about your appearance, it can be constructive criticism or just downright cruel. Here's how to tell the difference.
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  • Aksa Old Couch A

    Ask a Scientist: What Causes Old-People Smell?

    Think your grandparents smell bad? It's because they do. And here's why.
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  • Body Flip Book A

    Why Is It So Hard to Love Your Body After Having a Baby?

    YouBeauty's health editor shares how she finally learned to accept her post-baby body.
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  • Louie Fat Girl Copy A

    What Do You Say When Your Friend Says She's Fat?

    The "fat girl speech" on the Louie episode "So Did the Fat Lady" shows us what not to do. Here's what you should do instead.
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  • Pajamas Ch

    Why Pajamas Are a Key to Health and Happiness

    Pajamas don't seem like a wardrobe staple, but feeling good about what you're wearing doesn't stop when the day is over.
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  • Facebook Body

    How Facebook Can Help (or Hurt) Your Self-Esteem

    How you interact with people on social media can have a serious affect on the way you feel about your looks, your weight and yourself. Find the healthiest ways to socialize online.
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