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  • Dress To Impress

    The World's Best Excuse to Go Shopping

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  • Hand Mirror A

    It’s Hand Mirror Day!

    Vagina Month was so good the first time, we’re going down there again. Let's start off with a little self-exploration, shall we? (And no, this is not an April Fool’s Day joke.)
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  • Fat Talk

    Fat Talk: Ditch This Bad Habit

    An inside look at fat talk and its effect on body image. Plus, take our Fat Talk Quiz to see if you're guilty, and get expert tips to end fat talk.
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  • Obesity Epidemic

    Is Obesity a Bigger Problem Than We Thought?

    found that the body mass index (BMI)—the gold standard for diagnosing obesity—misidentified individuals who were actually obese nearly 40 percent of the time.
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  • Fake Sexy A

    Fake Sexy to Feel Sexy

    Confidence is a key to sexiness. But what if you don't feel confident? Science says you can fake it 'til you make it.
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  • Bikini Body

    The Real Reason You Don't Have Your Bikini Body Has Nothing to Do With Exercise

    If you feel like you can't motivate yourself to meet your goals, then find the motivation behind your motivation.
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  • Strengthen Body Image 648

    7 Workouts That Strengthen Body Image

    Exercise can boost body image by building confidence and strength and releasing neurotransmitters that can lift your mood and reduce anxiety.
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  • Fat Talk Ch

    Be More Body-Confident (Without Sounding Conceited)

    Less than 10 percent of YouBeauty readers are very satisfied with their bodies. Learn how to talk about your body in a healthy way.
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  • Gwen Stefani A

    Relax, Internet—Gwen Stefani Wasn't Body Shaming!

    Gwen Stefani calls herself "chunky" in a photo of herself as a teen. The internet accuses her of body shaming—we disagree.
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  • American Apparel Mannequins Bush C

    Science, American Apparel Support Bush

    A New York City American Apparel store put mannequins with pubic hair in the window. We look into the science of their pro-bush stance.
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  • Superpowers A

    8 Superpowers You Didn't Know You Had

    Use these eight powerful actions you are capable of to take control of your life and happiness.
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