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  • Dress To Impress

    The World's Best Excuse to Go Shopping

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  • Hand Mirror A

    It’s Hand Mirror Day!

    Vagina Month was so good the first time, we’re going down there again. Let's start off with a little self-exploration, shall we? (And no, this is not an April Fool’s Day joke.)
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  • Body Scrubs

    7 Body Scrubs for Young Skin (And 6 Post-Scrub Products)

    Pamper and polish your skin to reap major anti-aging benefits with these indulgent and effective body scrubs.
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  • Body Scrubs A

    The Secret to Preventing Old Body/Young Face

    This often overlooked beauty staple isn't just a nice indulgence—it's actually super important for keeping your skin fresh and radiant for life.
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  • Fat Talk

    Fat Talk: Ditch This Bad Habit

    An inside look at fat talk and its effect on body image. Plus, take our Fat Talk Quiz to see if you're guilty, and get expert tips to end fat talk.
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  • Obesity Epidemic

    Is Obesity a Bigger Problem Than We Thought?

    found that the body mass index (BMI)—the gold standard for diagnosing obesity—misidentified individuals who were actually obese nearly 40 percent of the time.
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  • Nails

    The Nail Files

    Dr. Oz and Dr. Roizen explain the anatomy of your nails and common nail problems: nail fungus, psoriatic nails and injured nails.
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  • Dirty Flip Flops

    Dirty Flip-Flop Feet: Defeat Foot Cooties!

    Find out how to protect yourself from the germs you pick up wearing flip-flops and strappy sandals.
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  • 152

    Video: HPV and Cervical Cancer

    Human papillomavirus, or HPV, is a virus that can cause anything from genital warts to, in high risk cases, cervical cancer. In high risk cases, HPV invades normal cells, transforming healthy cervical cells to cancerous ones that replicate uncontrollably.
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  • 648x432 Horizontal Article Channel Libido

    How To Deal With Decreased Libido

    OB/GYN, Jennifer Wu, describes some of the medical causes of decrease lobido and how to deal with them.
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  • Lingiere Body Shape

    Lingerie For Your Body Shape

    No matter your body shape, there's lingerie out there that will make you feel sexy and confident. Find the best lingerie for your body, just in time for Valentine's Day.
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