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  • Finger Length Female Intuition

    How Intuitive Are You? Measure Your Hand

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  • Mindful Eating

    5 Ways to Enjoy Your Food More—and Eat Less of It

    Rather than speed-eating your favorite foods, try this simple meditation to slow down, relish each bite and stop overeating.
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  • Ocd A

    Why You’re Not 'So OCD'

    People often joke about having OCD. But do you really have it? Here's what's normal—and what could be a psychological condition.
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  • Hangry

    How to Avoid a Nasty Fight: Eat Something

    Fighting with your spouse all the time? The secret to a happy marriage could be snacks.
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  • Peak 24

    Do We Peak at Age 24? [Study]

    When it comes cognitive motor performance—the fancy name for how long it takes your brain to react to something—if you're over 24 years of age you've already reached your peak, according to a new Simon Fraser University study just published in PLOS ONE.
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  • Meditation

    Meditate for Mental Focus

    Take a break from mental multitasking and enjoy improved focus, clarity and a sharper attention span.
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  • Clumsy A

    Why Am I Such a Klutz?

    Find out what makes you clumsy and how to become more graceful.
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  • Green Tea

    Why You Should Drink Green Tea at Work

    Research shows that drinking green tea or green tea extract can improve working memory, an important form of cognitive functioning.
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  • Ask Scientist Article

    Ask a Scientist: Why Do Happy Things Make Me Cry?

    Some people cry at happy moments just like they cry at sad things. A psychologist explores why we have the same reaction to such different events.
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  • 7 Memory A

    7 Apps That Improve Your Memory

    Whether it’s by stimulating neural connections or quieting your mind, these smartphone apps will boost your memory skills faster than you can say, “What was your name again?”
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  • Lying Killing

    Is Lying Killing You?

    A lie can boost conflict, stress and other problems. Stay honest for a healthier, longer life!
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