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  • Holiday Movie Face Flip Ch

    Facial Symmetry of Celebrities: Holiday 2013 Movie Edition

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  • 117

    Face Symmetry of Celebrities

    See the face symmetry of your favorite celebrities. Hint: They aren't a perfect as you think, and that's what makes them (and you) beautiful.
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  • 648 Heart Celebs

    Guess the Celebrity Face Shape

    Guess the face shape of well-know celebrities. Are they round, oval, square, heart and much more!
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  • 648 Round Celebs

    Celebrities With Round Face Shapes

    The best haircuts and makeup for celebrities with round faces.
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  • Celebrity Face Flip Ch

    Celebrity Face Flip

    Face symmetry of celebrities using the YouBeauty Face Flip tool.
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  • Celeb Vagina

    6 Celebrities Talk About Vaginas

    Celebrities are often tight-lipped about their personal lives, but apparently, talking about their vaginas isn’t off limits.
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  • Lupita Lancome

    Lupita Nyong'o Is Lancome's Newest Brand Ambassador

    The wait is over: Lupita has landed her first beauty campaign, and we're so psyched!
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  • Vaccines Dont Cause Autism Ch

    An Open Letter to Anti-Vaccination Celebrities: Shut Up. Now.

    Is there solid proof that vaccinations cause autism? We take the side of science in the vaccination debate and give you the cold, hard facts.
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  • Celebrityskin Lar

    7 Celebrities Who Share Your Skin Issues (But You'd Never Know It)

    These celebrities all have serious skin issues. Learn how they keep them under control and how you can, too.
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