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  • Fish Oil A

    Can Fish Oil Fight Aging?

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  • Prevent Osteaoporosis A

    4 Easy Ways to Prevent Old-Lady-Hunchback

    Women are four times likelier than men to get osteoporosis. Here are four easy ways to keep your bones strong, starting today.
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  • Poisonous Foods A

    27 Foods Doctors Consider to Be Poison

    If the guys who have to take care of you when you go to the hospital won't put these things in their bodies, you shouldn't either.
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  • Ask Scientist Floaters A

    Ask a Scientist: Will Sushi Give Me Mercury Poisoning?

    The amount of mercury in fish combined with how often you eat and and your weight will affect your risk.
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  • You Docs Sugar Sleep A

    Staying Up Late + Having a Sweet Tooth = Serious Gut Problems

    Research shows that disrupting sleep patterns and overindulging in fat and sugar can seriously mess with your health.
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  • Chia Powder Recall

    Chia Seed Powder Recalled After Multistate Salmonella Outbreak

    Put down the chia seed powder and read this: Certain sprouted chia seed powder products that were distributed nationally are being recalled because of reports of Salmonella, according to an ongoing Centers for Disease Control and Prevention investigation.
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  • Fatfree

    Are Low-Fat Foods Making You Fat?

    Find out why fat-free foods can actually cause you to pack on the pounds.
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  • Junk Food Laziness Ch

    The Food That Makes You Feel Tired and Lazy

    Paging Ms. Sloth. Get up and read this already! Eating sugary, processed, and high-fat foods can actually cause tiredness, a lack of motivation and decreased performance, accoding to study published in the April 10 issue of Physiology & Behavior.
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  • Butter A

    Butting In on the Butter Debate: Is Saturated Fat Still the Enemy?

    Don't get confused by recent analyses and articles suggest that saturated fat isn't so bad after all. It is.
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