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  • 648 Img 2074 Childspose

    Video: Child's Pose a Day Keeps the Sleep Specialist Away

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  • Winter Workout Gear

    Winter Workout Clothes That Keep You Warm

    The best winter workout clothes to wear this season.
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  • Exercise All Day

    How To Exercise All Day

    Yes, you can squeeze exercise into your daily schedule. Try these creative ideas to jumpstart your active, healthy lifestyle.
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  • 648 Img 2066 Boat

    Video: Boat Pose a Day Keeps the Sex Therapist Away

    Kristin McGee shows how to do different yoga poses as a way to do exercise and fitness.
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  • 648 Couple Exercise

    Could Exercise Be Your Key to Happily Ever After?

    How exercise and working out can improve your sex life, relationships and marriage.
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  • Workout Orgasms A

    The Sexy Benefit of Working Out

    Women report having an orgasm while exercising.
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  • A

    Make That Change

    Improve your health with these small changes.
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  • Diy Fitness Ch

    6 Ways to Strength Train Without Weights

    You don’t need a whole weight room to get toned and sculpted. Try these moves at home that use nothing more than your body weight.
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  • 648x432 Horizontal Article Channel Lonneke

    5 Simple Tricks For Looking Great

    how to look your best during the summer, avoid sunburn, avoid dehydration, and work out comfortably.
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  • Strengthen Body Image 648

    7 Workouts That Strengthen Body Image

    Exercise can boost body image by building confidence and strength and releasing neurotransmitters that can lift your mood and reduce anxiety.
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  • Boost Energy Levels A

    Boost Your Energy Levels

    Dr. Oz and Dr. Roizen suggest DHA, ribose and vitamin B & D supplements, quality sleep, exercise and a low-sugar, low-saturated diet for energy.
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