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  • Ask Scientist Mascara Below Eye A

    Ask a Scientist: Why Does My Mascara End Up Under My Eyes?

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  • Ask Scientist Eyeliner A

    Ask a Scientist: Can I Get Wrinkles From Putting on Eyeliner?

    The area around your eye is sensitive, but is it true that pulling it to apply makeup will damage it? We investigate.
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  • Ask Scientist Polarized Glasses A

    Ask a Scientist: Are Polarized Sunglasses Better for My Eyes?

    Do you really need to be wearing polarized sunglasses? An expert explains the difference between polarized and regular sunglasses.
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  • Ask Scientist Floaters A

    Ask a Scientist: What Are Eye Floaters?

    An ophthalmologist explains why sometimes you see gray specks, squiggles or spots that seem to be floating in front of you.
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  • Ask Scientist Eye Cream A

    Ask a Scientist: Do I Need a Separate Eye Cream?

    Not sure if you need to add an eye cream to your regimen? Here's what you need to know.
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  • Ask Scientist Eye Lashes A

    Ask a Scientist: Do Eyelashes Go Gray?

    A dermatologist explains what happens to your lashes as you age.
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  • 648 Best Eyebrows Face

    Best Eyebrows for Face Shapes

    Find the best eyebrow shape for your face shape and learn how to shape your eyebrows at home.
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  • Makeup Combinations Ch

    7 'How Did She Do That?' Makeup Tricks

    Wine and cheese, the Internet and cat videos, chocolate and… well, okay, pretty much anything. Some things are just meant to go together, including these genius makeup layering combos from top face-painting pros.
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  • Clinique Eye Cream A

    Beauty File: Clinique's New Eye Cream Changes Everything

    This sunscreen is formulated specially for the under-eye area to protect against sun damage and aging.
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