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  • Holiday Movie Face Flip Ch

    Facial Symmetry of Celebrities: Holiday 2013 Movie Edition

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  • Beautiful Woma Ch

    What Makes a Face Beautiful?

    Evolution primed us to find beautiful skin, symmetrical faces and other signs of health and fertility beautiful.
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  • Presidential Candidates Face Flip Ch

    The Faces of the 2012 Presidential Election

    Face symmetry and face shapes of political candidates and their wives.
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  • 117

    Face Symmetry of Celebrities

    See the face symmetry of your favorite celebrities. Hint: They aren't a perfect as you think, and that's what makes them (and you) beautiful.
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  • Celebrity Face Flip Ch

    Celebrity Face Flip

    Face symmetry of celebrities using the YouBeauty Face Flip tool.
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  • Voting 2012 Election Ch

    The Presidential Election: What Did Appearance Have To Do With It?

    A candidate's appearance can have a profound effect on voting decisions and electoral outcomes.
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  • 648 Hair Symmetry Tips

    Hair Tips for Face Symmetry

    For face symmetry, try these haircuts and hairstyles that will highlight your best features.
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  • 648 Makeup Tips

    Makeup Tips for Face Symmetry

    Face symmetry frustration? A few simple makeup tricks can balance facial asymmetries and highlight your best features.
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  • 648 Mitt Romney

    Handsome Politicians Dominate the Boob Tube

    Does a politician's looks or hair affect if they win an election? We review the latest research.
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  • 648 Ugly Babies

    Good News for Ugly Babies

    If your baby isn't too cute, they can grow up attractive, according to new research.
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  • 648 Beauty Ballot

    Hey Good Lookin’: How Beauty Affects the Ballot

    Voters who watch more TV cast a ballot for more attractive candidates, or those who look more like stereotypical successful politician.
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