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  • Louie Fat Girl Copy A

    What Do You Say When Your Friend Says She's Fat?

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  • Fatfree

    Are Low-Fat Foods Making You Fat?

    Find out why fat-free foods can actually cause you to pack on the pounds.
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  • Fat Talk

    Fat Talk: Ditch This Bad Habit

    An inside look at fat talk and its effect on body image. Plus, take our Fat Talk Quiz to see if you're guilty, and get expert tips to end fat talk.
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  • Stop Friend Fat Talking A

    Six Ways to Stop a Friend From Fat Talking

    Help your friends stop trash talking their bodies and constantly talking about weight loss.
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  • Lose Body Fat A

    10 Ways to Lose Fat (With Body Confidence!)

    Lose fat, but keep your body confidence! Get ten ways to lose weight and keep it off by thinking positively. Number one? Eliminate the word "diet" from your vocabulary, and stop the fat talk!
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  • Fat Stigma A

    Is Fat-Stigma Skewing Your Weight Perception?

    How does fat-stigma—negative ideas about what it means to be fat—plays into our everyday relationships.
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  • 648 Fat Think

    Do You Think Fat?

    Thinking your fat is a state of mind. Learn how to get a healthy body image.
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  • 648 Brown Fat

    Brown Fat That Burns…Fat?

    Scientists studying brown fat are looking into whether they can harness fat-burning brown fat for weight loss.
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  • 648 Fat Taste

    Are Your Taste Buds Primed to Detect Fat?

    Move over salty, sweet, sour, bitter and umami. New research shows that your taste buds identify fat as its own unique taste.
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