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  • Melanoma Toes

    You'll Never Believe What Could Be Lurking Under Your Toenail Polish

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  • Ask Scientist Carpal Tunnel A

    Ask a Scientist: I Think I Have Carpal Tunnel—What Do I Do?

    How do you know if you have carpal tunnel? An expert explains.
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  • Arthritis A

    Ask a Scientist: Does Cracking Your Knuckles Cause Arthritis?

    Like to pop your knuckles? Find out what kind of damage this habit can do.
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  • Gel Manicure Designs

    3 Nail Art Designs That Last a Whole Month

    Go an entire month in between manicures with these gel nail designs that look great as they grow out.
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  • Nail Tips 640x427 Channel Image

    The Science of a Perfect Manicure: How to Score a Perfect 10

    How to do your own manicure and pedicure, how to choose the chemical-free polishes and how to keep your skin moisturized.
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  • Gel Mani A

    To Gel or Not to Gel?

    A cosmetic chemist gives her opinion on the great gel manicure and skin cancer debate.
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  • Uv Gel Manicure Safe

    Cancer Risk From Gel Manicure UV Lamps Is Low, But Unpredictable, Study Says

    New research confirms the skin cancer risk from gel manicures is very low, but a lack of regulation for UV nail lamps makes the issue a little tricky.
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  • Your Feet Are Gross A

    Your Feet Are Gross—Get Them Ready for Summer

    Long winter? Yeah, us too. Time for a serious foot makeover before slipping into sandals.
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  • Your Feet Are Gross A

    11 Products for Pretty Feet

    Ready to slip out of your socks and into some sandals? These products will help you clean, buff and polish your feet into summertime shape.
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