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  • Younger Hair Comb H Article

    Take 15 Years Off Your Hair

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  • 3 Days No Shampoo Ch

    Hair Challenge: Go 3 Days Without Washing

    With the right hair products, you can preserve your hairstyle and make it last for up to three days without washing it.
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  • Grey Gracefully Ch

    Going Gray Gracefully

    Tips from pros for letting your hair age naturally.
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  • 648 Jamie Lee Curtis Hair

    Gray Hair Color for Your Skintone

    The best gray hair color for your skintone is not based on trend or whim. Find out the best shade for you with science and color theory.
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  • 648 Jamie Lee Curtis

    Celebrities With Gray Hair

    Celebrities with Gray Hair
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  • Female Hair Loss Ch

    Hair Loss From Stress: A Secret Side Effect of Your Twenties

    You can lose hair from stress. One girl shares her story. Find out how to handle thinning hair.
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  • Sugar Hair Scrub A

    Hair Recipe: Sam Brocato’s Sugar Shine Hair Treatment

    Try these easy recipes for DIY, natural beauty at-home spa treatments, like shinier hair.
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  • Foods Healthy Hair A

    The Best Foods to Eat For Healthy Hair

    You can get great hair without splurging on hair products by eating the right foods.
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  • No More Excuses 11 Hair

    We Tried It: Hair Oils

    We test the hottest hair oils, claiming to add softness and shine to your hair.
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  • 648 Your Hair Damage

    What’s Your (Hair) Damage?

    From using blow dryers and curling irons to getting highlights and keratin treatments, these harsh hair habits wreak havoc on your locks.
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    Hair loss can signal health problems.

    Hair loss in women may signal underlying health problems according to the study, "Prevalence of polycystic ovaries in women with androgenic alopecia."
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