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  • Straight Hair Wavy

    How To: Making Straight Hair Wavy

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  • Blowout Ch

    The Science of the Perfect Blowout

    Two top celebrity hairstylists offer tips on how to score a silky-smooth blowout at home, no matter your texture.
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  • Holiday Updo Ch

    Holiday Hair Tutorial From the Hippest 'Hood in Brooklyn

    Try these hairstyling tips for gorgeous, hollywood glam waves or a pretty bun updo.
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  • Short Hair Makeup A

    Chop Your Hair, Change Your Makeup

    Chopping off your hair is a refreshing way to completely change your look. Here's how your makeup tricks should change along with it.
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  • Bf Tri

    Beauty File: The Ultimate High-Tech Hot Tool From ghd

    ghd's new styler’s revolutionary technology includes tri-zone technology, which keeps the tool at a safe, consistent temperature that styles hair effectively without completely frying it.
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  • Spring Beauty Trends 2014 Ch

    The Science of Spring 2014 Beauty Trends

    The runways hottest hair and makeup looks of the season, from tangerine lipstick to almond-shaped nails, are not just trendy—they're scientifically flattering.
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  • Waterfall Braid Tutorial Ch

    Waterfall Braid Tutorial

    Follow this easy step-by-step tutorial to create a pretty waterfall braid with a chic spin.
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  • Pixie Braid Tutorial Ch

    Pixie Braids Tutorial

    Braid hairstyles are still hot, and if you're looking for a braided updo, our pixie braids are a perfect choice.
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  • Updated French Braid A

    Updated French Braid Tutorial

    Interested in French braiding your own hair? We love this updated French braid.
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  • Diy Braids Guide

    3 Pretty Braids You Can DIY

    Learn how to do a waterfall braid, French braid, and pixie braids.
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  • 648 Wavy Hair

    Haircuts for Wavy Hair

    Haircuts for wavy hairstyles and the best haircuts for wavy hair. Find out which wavy hairstyles make the cut for the naturally tousled.
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