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  • Finger Length Female Intuition

    How Intuitive Are You? Measure Your Hand

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  • Spring Polish

    The Best Spring Nail Colors for Your Skintone

    Scoping out the season’s best nail colors is easy. But figuring out which variations will flatter you takes work. Here’s how to choose the best cobalt blue, baby pink and white polish for your skintone.
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  • Nails

    The Nail Files

    Dr. Oz and Dr. Roizen explain the anatomy of your nails and common nail problems: nail fungus, psoriatic nails and injured nails.
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  • Dirty Flip Flops

    Dirty Flip-Flop Feet: Defeat Foot Cooties!

    Find out how to protect yourself from the germs you pick up wearing flip-flops and strappy sandals.
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  • Diy Nail Art Ch

    Easy Nail Designs You Can DIY

    Want to try your hand at DIY nail art, but unsure of what designs you can tackle? Nail artist Miss Pop shows how to create three easy designs, no matter your skill level.
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  • Warm Socks Shoes Ch

    6 Cute Ways to Keep Your Feet Warm This Winter

    These socks, shoe inserts and cozy boots will keep your feet warm and dry during the cold, snowy winter.
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  • Holiday Nail Art Ch

    Holiday Nail Art How-To

    Try this simple nail art tutorial for an easy DIY holiday manicure.
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  • Nail Strengthening Products Ch

    Strengthen Your Weak-Ass Nails

    Learn what's making your nails break and split and how you can make nails stronger.
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  • Nail Strengthening Ch

    Best Products to Strengthen Your Nails

    Try these products to strengthen and nourish nails and cuticles.
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  • Baby Foot A

    The Foot Exfoliator That'll Disgust You—And Then Turn You Into an Addict

    Remove dead skin from feet with this natural foot exfoliator.
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  • Nail Art Ch

    Nail Art Trends For the Real World

    See nail art designs that are on trend and easy to nail yourself!
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