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  • Talk About Sex

    Why You Should Talk About Sex More Often

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  • Hangry

    How to Avoid a Nasty Fight: Eat Something

    Fighting with your spouse all the time? The secret to a happy marriage could be snacks.
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  • Mental Clutter

    How To Stop Obsessing Over Negative Thoughts and Find Happiness

    Learn how to stop obsessing over negative thoughts and find happiness, with Happiness Expert Matthew D. Della Porta.
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  • Banish Negative Thoughts

    Try This Technique For Banishing Negative Thoughts

    Negativity is everywhere. Learn how to change the way you react to upsetting thoughts so you can be happier.
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  • True Love

    What is True Love, Really?

    Happiness expert Matthew D. Della Porta explains what unconditional love really is.
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  • 648 Painting

    In the (Happiness) Zone

    Immersion in pleasurable activities is what scientists call “flow.” Learn how getting “in the zone” can bring you happiness.
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  • Dove Patches 648

    Dove's New Social Experiment: Can the Placebo Effect Make You Feel More Beautiful?

    Dove's newest viral video combines beauty with psychology to prove that beauty is a state of mind.
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  • Ask Scientist Article

    Ask a Scientist: Why Do Happy Things Make Me Cry?

    Some people cry at happy moments just like they cry at sad things. A psychologist explores why we have the same reaction to such different events.
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  • Lying Killing

    Is Lying Killing You?

    A lie can boost conflict, stress and other problems. Stay honest for a healthier, longer life!
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  • 648 Bad Choices

    Listening to the Devil on Your Shoulder

    Internal conflicts are based on values we have that may not make sense to have anymore. Don't feel guilty: Figure out where your values come from and whether you should or should not continue to live by them.
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  • Train Man A

    How to Train Your Man

    Psychological insights on how to teach your boyfriend, husband or partner to behave better.
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