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  • Sleepts Ch

    Best Holiday Gifts for Beauty Sleep

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  • 648 Holiday Divorce

    Divorce and the Holidays: What to Do Now?

    How to survive the holidays after divorce or a breakup.
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  • Hangover Helpers Ch

    Hangover Helpers

    How to cure a hangover and tips to avoid getting too drunk.
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  • Holiday Updo Ch

    Holiday Hair Tutorial From the Hippest 'Hood in Brooklyn

    Try these hairstyling tips for gorgeous, hollywood glam waves or a pretty bun updo.
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  • Simple Holiday Beauty Tips Ch

    6 Simple Beauty Tweaks For Holiday Sparkle

    Add something simple to your beauty routine to look glamorous this holiday season.
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  • Holiday Stress A

    Holiday F-Bombs: Food & Family

    Too much food and too much family can make you feel bad about yourself. Keep up your self-esteem with these tips.
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  • H Article

    Holiday Cookie Recipe Makeovers

    Swap a few of the ingredients in your holiday cookie recipe to make your cookies a little bit healthier.
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  • Holiday Nail Art Ch

    Holiday Nail Art How-To

    Try this simple nail art tutorial for an easy DIY holiday manicure.
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  • Alternativet Guidech

    Alternative Gift Guide: Make it Meaningful

    Thoughtful, non-traditional holiday gifts to give your friends and family.
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