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  • Hangry

    How to Avoid a Nasty Fight: Eat Something

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  • Fight Partner

    How to Fight With Your Partner—Without Ruining Your Relationship

    Try these marriage tips to prevent divorce and learn how to fight in a healthy way.
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  • True Love

    What is True Love, Really?

    Happiness expert Matthew D. Della Porta explains what unconditional love really is.
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  • Keep Calm Argue On Fi

    Sorry, Ladies, It's Up to You to Keep Fights From Escalating

    Staying calm, cool and collected during a disagreement can keep your relationship happy and healthy. These four tips will help you keep it together.
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  • Technology Relationships H Article

    Digital Rules for Relationships

    Help managing relationships and technology. What are the rules when it comes to cellphones and text messaging in a relationship?
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  • Women Sexuality A

    Women's Sexuality is a Spectrum

    Research on women's sexuality suggests that love and attraction aren't exclusively straight or gay.
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  • 648 Look Of Love

    The Look of Love

    How does love make you look more beautiful? It's in flushed cheeks, twinkling eyes, glowing skin, and other beautiful effects.
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  • 648 Plate Spinner

    Are You Dating a Plate Spinner?

    Has your guy got commitment phobia? He may be a plate spinner. In intimate relationships, a plate spinner is a guy (or woman) who never actually commits to being in a relationship with you, but once he senses you’re ready to move on, he swoops back into y
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  • Mobile Dating Apps A

    6 Mobile Dating Apps Worth Trying

    Stuck in a dating rut? One of these six dating apps might help change all of that.
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  • 648 Family Planning

    Birth Control Beads: Would You Use Them to Plan Pregnancy?

    The Standard Days Method, a family planning method for fertility awareness is effective birth control without side effects for preventing pregnancy.
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  • 648 Boys Night

    Bromance Keeps Men and Marriages Healthy

    Bromance keeps men and marriages healthy. New data suggests the secret to keeping the spark alive in a relationship might merely be letting boys be boys.i
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