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  • Hangry

    How to Avoid a Nasty Fight: Eat Something

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  • Peak 24

    Do We Peak at Age 24? [Study]

    When it comes cognitive motor performance—the fancy name for how long it takes your brain to react to something—if you're over 24 years of age you've already reached your peak, according to a new Simon Fraser University study just published in PLOS ONE.
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  • Mental Clutter

    How To Stop Obsessing Over Negative Thoughts and Find Happiness

    Learn how to stop obsessing over negative thoughts and find happiness, with Happiness Expert Matthew D. Della Porta.
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  • Food Mood

    The Food-Mood Connection

    Food and mood are closely related. Choosing nutritious foods regularly will positively impact your body and consequently your emotional health.
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  • Ask Scientist Article

    Ask a Scientist: Why Do Happy Things Make Me Cry?

    Some people cry at happy moments just like they cry at sad things. A psychologist explores why we have the same reaction to such different events.
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  • 648 Worrying Beauty

    Worrying is Bad for Beauty

    Worry and anxiety could negatively affect your sleep, skin and relationships.
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  • 648 Daylight Savings Time

    Daylight Savings Time: Beauty Boost or Bust?

    Daylight Savings times affects more than just the numbers on the clock. It can alter your circadian rhythm, affect your skin, your appetite, your immune system, and your mood.
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  • 648 Fantasy

    Why Are Submissive Fantasies a Turn-On?

    We explore the surprising research on submissive sex fantasies to understand the psychology of why the erotic novel 50 Shades of Grey is so appealing to readers.
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  • Sexual Submission Ch

    The Psychology of Submission

    There's psychology behind bedroom power plays of a dominant/submissive sexual relationship.
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  • Sex Number H Article

    Find Your Magic Sex Number

    Sex benefits depend on how often you do it. See what you score each time you score.
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  • Allergies Sress

    Stressful Week? Grab Your Allergy Meds

    New research shows that stress can make your allergy symptoms worse. Here's what you can do.
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