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  • Running Cavities A

    Your Workout Might Be Giving You Cavities

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  • Ask Scientist Burned Tongue A

    Ask a Scientist: I Burned My Tongue. What Should I Do?

    Here's what to do and what not to do when you burn your tongue on hot food.
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  • Teeth Under Attack A

    Are Your Teeth Under Attack?

    Surprising foods that stain your teeth.
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  • Oilpulling Article

    Oil Pulling: Is It Legit?

    The Ayurvedic practice of oil pulling or swishing is getting a lot of attention lately. Find out if it can improve your health or if it’s just slick marketing.
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  • White Teeth 648

    Every Humanly Possible Way to Whiten Your Teeth

    Depending on how much time and money you are willing to spend, here's the right teeth whitening method for you.
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  • Dental Spa A

    We Saw the Future of Dentistry and It's Glorious

    Could turning a routine teeth cleaning into a spa-like experience make us all happier to go to the dentist?
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  • Smile Type Ch

    What’s Your Smile Type?

    Dr. Oz and Dr. Roizen explain the three classic types of smiles, which are determined by facial muscles and the condition of your teeth.
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  • 648 Lemon Smile

    Healthy Recipes for a Beautiful Smile

    Get a breakfast, lunch and dinner recipe for you healthiest smile and white teeth.
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  • 648 Self Smile

    5 White-Smile Superfoods

    Eat these foods for whiter teeth and a brighter smile.
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