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  • Cuticle Fix Ch

    The Great Cuticle Debate: Is It Better to Trim or Push?

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  • Woman Nails 648

    Can the Shape of Your Nails Reveal What Type of Person You Are?

    Your health can be reflected in your nails—it’s the first place nutritional deficiencies and other health issues can show up. But personality? It’s a fun idea, however...
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  • Gel Manicure Designs

    3 Nail Art Designs That Last a Whole Month

    Go an entire month in between manicures with these gel nail designs that look great as they grow out.
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  • 648 Manicure Hepatitis

    Can You Get Hepatitis C From a Manicure?

    There's an association between hepatitis and some instruments used for manicures, pedicures and haircuts. Nail files, razors, clippers and scissors may transmit hepatitis b and c.
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  • Nail Tips 640x427 Channel Image

    The Science of a Perfect Manicure: How to Score a Perfect 10

    How to do your own manicure and pedicure, how to choose the chemical-free polishes and how to keep your skin moisturized.
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  • Gel Mani A

    To Gel or Not to Gel?

    A cosmetic chemist gives her opinion on the great gel manicure and skin cancer debate.
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  • Uv Gel Manicure Safe

    Cancer Risk From Gel Manicure UV Lamps Is Low, But Unpredictable, Study Says

    New research confirms the skin cancer risk from gel manicures is very low, but a lack of regulation for UV nail lamps makes the issue a little tricky.
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  • Nail Art 2 Ch

    9 Essentials for Your At-Home Nail Art Caboodle

    Build an impressive nail art arsenal with these must-have tools.
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  • Spring Polish

    The Best Spring Nail Colors for Your Skintone

    Scoping out the season’s best nail colors is easy. But figuring out which variations will flatter you takes work. Here’s how to choose the best cobalt blue, baby pink and white polish for your skintone.
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