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  • Sleep Promoting Foods Ch

    Eat These Foods for a Better Night's Sleep

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  • Technology Relationships H Article

    Digital Rules for Relationships

    Help managing relationships and technology. What are the rules when it comes to cellphones and text messaging in a relationship?
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  • Dating Monster Ch

    How to Tell if You're Dating a Monster

    How to avoid dating a monster. Is your guy acting like a vampire, zombie or werewolf?
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  • 648 Glycemic Breakfast

    Breakfast Tips to Lose Weight

    Breakfast to lose weight? What you choose to eat for breakfast could either help or hinder your weight-loss efforts for the rest of the day.
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  • Sugar Hair Scrub A

    Hair Recipe: Sam Brocato’s Sugar Shine Hair Treatment

    Try these easy recipes for DIY, natural beauty at-home spa treatments, like shinier hair.
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  • Dressing Body Shape H Article

    Dressing for Your Body Shape

    Dressing for your body type and body shape is easy with tips from Sam Saboura, YouBeauty Style Expert.
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  • Skin Types A

    Skin Types, Decoded

    From oily skin, dry skin, acne skin, combination skin and dark skin, here is the science behind each skin type, plus skincare tips for your type.
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  • Salad A

    How to Build a Beautiful Superfood Salad

    Learn how to build a healthy salad that will keep you full and beautiful. Add superfoods for great skin, thicker hair and stronger nails.
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  • Skinny Kitchen Tips A

    Design a Skinny Kitchen

    Brian Wansink gives tips for beating mindless eating.
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