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  • Chia Muffins

    Exotic Energizing Foods

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  • Marinara Sauce A

    Simply Delicious Tomato and Basil Marinara Recipe

    There are so many ways of making tomato sauce, it’s easy to get confused. Here's the one simple recipe you need.
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  • Smoothies Ch

    Five Beautifying Smoothie Recipes

    Get delicious and healthy smoothie recipes that make your skin look younger.
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  • Chiver2

    Guilt-Free Chips and Dips

    Feel free to indulge on these healthier chips and dip recipes that will satisfy your cravings without packing on the pounds.
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  • Lemon Zit Repair

    Skin Recipe: Sonya Dakar’s Zit Zapper Treatment

    Try these easy recipes for DIY, natural beauty at-home spa treatments, for acne and skin remedies.
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  • 176

    Frisky Pasta e Fagioli Soup

    Dr. Oz and Dr. Roizen share their recipe for pasta e fagioli soup, which contains folate, lycopene and selenium to promote sexual health.
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  • Chocolate Bark Recipe

    Dark Chocolate + Chia Seed Bark Recipe (for Glowing Skin!)

    This dark chocolate bark is full of healthy, skin-boosting flavanols and chia seeds.
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  • Ramps Pesto A

    Ramps and Spinach Pesto Recipe

    Load up on vitamins and antioxidants with this unique pesto recipe that incorporates in-season ramps, plus spinach, parsley and basil.
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  • Global Spa Ch

    DIY Spa Recipes From Around the World

    If you can not travel to India, France and other international destinations to experience their unique spa treatments firsthand, try concocting these masks and scrubs to bring the experience into your home.
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  • Large

    5 Healthy Italian Garden Vegetable Side Dishes

    Say goodbye to soggy, drab veggies that get pushed to the edge of your plate. Try these hearty, flavorful ways to get a colorful dose of nutrients.
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  • Branmuffin Lar Meta

    The Gluten-Free Bran Muffin You'll Actually Want to Eat

    Start your day with these healthy, gluten-free and fiber-rich bran muffins.
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