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  • 5 Signs Relationship Lar

    5 Signs Your Relationship Is Worth Saving

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  • Secure Relationship A

    How To Have a Secure Relationship

    How to have a secure relationship with tips on your attachment style from David Sbarra, Ph.D., YouBeauty.com relationship expert.
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  • Improve Your Sex 648

    Have Better Sex

    Dr. Oz and Dr. Roizen give tips to boost your sex life, body chemistry and relationships.
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  • Sexual Compatibility

    Have the Courage to Talk About Sex

    Learn to discuss problems in the bedroom, from incompatibilities to sexual mismatches.
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  • Movies Large

    25 Movies That'll Save Your Relationship, Says Science

    According to research, watching and discussing five movies about relationships over the course of one month could cut the divorce rate for newlyweds in half. Here are the movies!
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  • Watching Movies Study A

    Watching Movies Together Cuts Divorce Rate In Half [Study]

    The next time you snuggle up for a date night with your sweetie, consider popping in a flick that deals with long-term relationships. It could just be the glue that keeps your relationship together.
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  • Relationships

    Relationship Communication

    Dr. Oz and Dr. Roizen explain the many ways we communicate in relationships, from body language to the way we talk, shake hands and move.
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  • 648x432 Horizontal Article Channel 54398746

    Muscle Men May Not Be Marriage Material

    Muscular guys are more likely to be sexist in relationships, according to a study.
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  • Improve Relationship 648

    How to Improve Your Relationship

    Dr. Oz and Dr. Roizen give relationship advice and easy ways to keep the excitement and romance going.
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