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    Napping lowers heart risks.

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    Sleep boosts beauty.

    Sleep makes you look healthier and more attractive according to the study, "Beauty sleep: experimental study on the perceived health and attractiveness of sleep deprived people."
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    Lack of sleep leads to snacking.

    Sleep deprivation makes you snack more according to the study, "Sleep curtailment is accompanied by increased intake of calories from snacks."
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  • 648 Sleep Drugs

    Sleep Drugs are Over-Prescribed, May Harm Public Health

    Sleep drugs are overprescribed to treat insomnia, which may negatively affect your health.
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    The Key to Beauty Sleep? A Trim Physique

    Losing weight could help you sleep better, according to a new study.
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  • 648 Cheaters

    What Makes Us Cheat?

    Learn if you could tell signs that your partner will cheat, from personality to sexual problems.
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  • 648 Family Planning

    Birth Control Beads: Would You Use Them to Plan Pregnancy?

    The Standard Days Method, a family planning method for fertility awareness is effective birth control without side effects for preventing pregnancy.
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  • 648 Sex Mri

    The Many Ways Women Have Mind Blowing Sex

    As a woman, how to you learn what turns you on? New research shows that women have several erogenous zones.
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  • Allergies Sress

    Stressful Week? Grab Your Allergy Meds

    New research shows that stress can make your allergy symptoms worse. Here's what you can do.
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  • Naked People Seem Emotional A

    Naked People Seem More Emotional, Study Finds

    A University of Maryland study in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology shows that naked men and women are perceived differently.
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  • Couple Walking Pace A

    Does He Love You? Check His Speed

    How fast or slow a guy walks when you're together is an indicator of his feelings.
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