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  • 50 Shades Grey Trailer 648

    Watch the 50 Shades of Grey Trailer (If You Dare)

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  • Gspot A

    Has Research Really Hit the G-Spot?

    Research has finally found that the elusive G-spot does exist in women.
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  • Player A

    Top 10 Signs He’s a Player

    Wondering whether he's a keeper or a playboy? Look for these signs and learn to protect yourself.
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  • Myths About Hooking Up A

    5 Dating Truths That Prove You're Not Doomed to a Lifetime of Meaningless Hookups

    It may seem that commitment is elusive and casual sex is king, but don’t be fooled—most people want to be in a genuine relationship.
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  • Ask Scientist Period A

    Ask a Scientist: Is Period Syncing for Real?

    People say that when you work or live with a lot of women you get on the same menstrual cycle. We get into the science of syncing.
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  • Ask Scientist Squirt A

    Ask a Scientist: Can All Women Squirt During Sex?

    Female ejaculation, or squirting, is a normal, if uncommon, sexual response with a curious cause.
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  • Plate Spinner

    Are You Dating a Plate Spinner?

    Has your guy got commitment phobia? He may be a plate spinner. In intimate relationships, a plate spinner is a guy (or woman) who never actually commits to being in a relationship with you, but once he senses you’re ready to move on, he swoops back into y
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  • Young Divorced

    Young and Divorced: How to Bounce Back

    Young divorce common, even though many people wait to get married. Nearly 10 percent of white women were divorced by age 30.
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  • Pajamas Ch

    Why Pajamas Are a Key to Health and Happiness

    Pajamas don't seem like a wardrobe staple, but feeling good about what you're wearing doesn't stop when the day is over.
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