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  • Simplify Beauty Routine H

    10 Timesaving Beauty Tips

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  • 648 Glycemic Breakfast

    Breakfast Tips to Lose Weight

    Breakfast to lose weight? What you choose to eat for breakfast could either help or hinder your weight-loss efforts for the rest of the day.
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  • Keep New Years Resolutions A

    5 Ways to Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions (No Willpower Required)

    Keep your new years resolutions with these five tips. Tip number one? Willpower does not work!
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  • Simplify Lotion H Article

    Simplify Your Beauty Routine

    beauty regimen, vaseline, body lotion, beauty routine, skincare routine, skin, skin care, how to skin care, organizational tips
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  • Overdose Skincare A

    Are You OD’ing on Skincare Products?

    Are you using too many skincare products? Learn about glycolic acid, AHA, salicylic acid and more.
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  • Nutritionists Secrets Ch

    Top Nutritionists Spill Their Beauty Food Secrets

    Nutritionists tell us their top foods for beauty and energy.
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  • Vaseline Spray Moisturizer A

    Beauty File: Vaseline Lotion for People Who Hate Lotion

    This new continuous spray lotion is easy to apply and absorbs quickly, making body lotion less of a hassle.
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  • Late H Article

    How to Be on Time

    Always running behind? Learn why you're always late and strategies for how to be on time.
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  • 648 Skin Ingredients

    Having Great Skin is as Simple as ABC

    Instead of trendy skincare products and ingredients, go for vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, alpha hydroxy acids.
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  • Stress Relieving Foods

    10 Stress-Relieving Foods

    Eating healthy foods instead of comfort foods makes it easier to de-stress and relieve depression and other negative feelings.
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  • Mother Daughter 640x427 Channel Image

    What Anti-Aging Routine Should You Use?

    Dr. Jeanine Downie explains the best anti-aging tips to take you through your entire life.
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