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  • Fish Oil A

    Can Fish Oil Fight Aging?

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  • Skin Cancer Prevention 2 A

    Beyond Sunscreen: 5 Ways to Prevent Skin Cancer

    Studies show these foods can help reduce your chances of developing skin cancer.
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  • Chocolate Beauty Food

    Beauty Benefits of Dark Chocolate

    What are the beauty benefits of dark chocolate? Young skin, less stress and a healthy heart. Here’s how to shop for the best dark chocolate.
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  • Resveratrol Ch

    Resveratrol: The Ultimate Anti-Ager (Inside and Out)

    Science shows that resveratrol is pushing its way to the top of the buzz-worthy ingredient list. Here's why you’ll want to harness resveratrol’s impressive health and beauty benefits. Right. Now.
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  • Sugar Skin

    The Holidays, Sugar and Your Skin

    Sugar has been known to do damage on your health, but can also damage your skin.
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  • Beauty Benefits Chocolate A

    The Health + Beauty Benefits of Dark Chocolate (Infographic)

    Dark chocolate enhances your beauty. Learn how with this infographic.
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  • Paleta A

    L.A.'s New Skincare-Meets-Juice-Cleanse Delivery Service (Available Nationwide!)

    A new cleanse in Los Angeles delivers both juices and skincare to your doorstep to make you glow from the inside out.
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  • Beauty Foods A

    Superfoods for Beauty

    Looking for young skin, thick hair, white teeth and to get rid of puffy eyes? Design your diet to include superfoods for ultimate beauty.
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  • Salad A

    How to Build a Beautiful Superfood Salad

    Learn how to build a healthy salad that will keep you full and beautiful. Add superfoods for great skin, thicker hair and stronger nails.
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