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  • Fix Skin Issues Ch

    Fix 9 Common Skin Issues: Eat This, Apply That

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  • Fraxel Treatment A

    True Story: Treating Acne Scars With Fraxel Laser

    This writer shares her experience with the Fraxel laser skin resurfacing treatment to clear her acne scars.
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  • Bad Food Cause Acne

    Can Food Cause Acne?

    Food can cause acne in some, studies say. Find out how refined carbs, chocolate, dairy and fried food effect your skin.
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  • Skinapps A

    Find Out What Foods Are Making You Break Out

    Are you prone to breakouts? With this smartphone app, making smart choices for flawless skin is as easy as one tap of your finger.
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  • Melasma A

    Mystery Brown Spots on Your Face? It Could Be This

    If your skin has patches of pigment, you may have melasma. Here’s what you need to know.
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  • Fixmorethan A

    How to Fix More Than One Skin Issue at a Time

    When it comes to skin problems, you no longer have to sacrifice one to treat the other. Here's how to treat all of your problems at once.
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  • Celebrityskin Lar

    7 Celebrities Who Share Your Skin Issues (But You'd Never Know It)

    These celebrities all have serious skin issues. Learn how they keep them under control and how you can, too.
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  • Eczema Products A

    How to Treat Eczema

    Find out how to prevent eczema flare-ups and the best ways to treat and soothe this dry, itchy skin condition.
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  • Eczema Article

    Products for Eczema: Stop the Itch/Scratch Cycle

    If you have eczema or chronically dry skin, these products can help.
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  • 648 Bad Weather

    Beauty Versus the World

    The environment can wreak havoc on your skin and hair. Find out how a few beauty tips can help you stay gorgeous.
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  • Stop Itching C

    Make Itchy Skin Stop. Now.

    Itchy skin is trying to send you a message. Here’s how to read it, and make that scratch stop for good.
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