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  • 648 Dark Skin

    Dark Skin, Decoded

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  • 648 Acne Skin

    How To Get Rid Of Acne

    Wondering how to get rid of your acne? Find out what causes acne, blackheads and pimples, and learn skincare tips to handle yours.
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  • 648 Oily Skin

    What Causes Oily Skin

    Treatments for oily skin. Find out what causes oily t-zone and shiny skin and learn skincare tips for how to manage it.
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  • 648 Ethnic Skin

    The Truth About Sun Protection And Dark Skin

    Learn what you need to know to protect darker skintones from sun damage.
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  • Ask Scientist Ch

    Ask a Scientist: Why Is It Bad to Pop My Pimples?

    In this installment of Ask a Scientist, dematologist Jeanine B. Downie, M.D., explains why it's dangerous to pop pimples—and the long term beauty effects.
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  • Skin Types A

    Skin Types, Decoded

    From oily skin, dry skin, acne skin, combination skin and dark skin, here is the science behind each skin type, plus skincare tips for your type.
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  • Woman Sun Ch

    Protect Your Lips with SPF

    Protect your lips against skin cancer with SPF lip balms.
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  • Spf Lip Balms Ch

    10 Great SPF Lacquers

    These SPF lip balms and lip products can help protect against skin cancer.
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  • 648 Steaming

    Steam Up Your Skincare Routine

    How to steam your skin for glowing skin. Get the benefits of a DIY facial.
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