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  • Sleep Bra A

    Ask a Scientist: Should I Sleep in a Bra?

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  • Benefits Oily Skin

    Good News for Oily Skin

    Science shows there's some good to having oily skin—namely your skin ages slower than others. Score!
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  • Dark Circles C

    What's Your Under Eye Circle Type?

    Find out what's causing your dark under eye circles and learn about your treatment options.
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  • Sun Spots Genetic A

    Can You Blame Your Sun Spots on Your Parents?

    New research shows a gene might help determine how sun damages and ages your skin.
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  • 648 Ethnic Skin

    The Truth About Sun Protection And Dark Skin

    Learn what you need to know to protect darker skintones from sun damage.
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  • Ask Scientist Eye Cream A

    Ask a Scientist: Do I Need a Separate Eye Cream?

    Not sure if you need to add an eye cream to your regimen? Here's what you need to know.
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  • Overdose Skincare A

    Are You OD’ing on Skincare Products?

    Are you using too many skincare products? Learn about glycolic acid, AHA, salicylic acid and more.
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  • Skin Types A

    Skin Types, Decoded

    From oily skin, dry skin, acne skin, combination skin and dark skin, here is the science behind each skin type, plus skincare tips for your type.
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  • 648 Peels

    At-Home Skin Peels for a Glowing Complexion

    Peels are a great skincare treatment for wrinkled and dry skin.
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  • 648 Sunscreen

    Best Sunscreens For Your Skin

    The best sunscreens for your skin type and lifestyle.
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  • 648x432 Horizontal Article Channel Bodyscrub

    In The Buff: Top 10 Body Scrubs

    The best body scrubs to exfoliate dry skin and get softer skin.
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