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  • Late Night Eating A

    Ask a Scientist: Will Eating Too Late at Night Make Me Gain Weight?

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  • Sleep Well Longevity

    How Much Sleep Do You Really Need?

    Getting the right amount of sleep is key to a long, healthy life. Find out how sleep deprivation (and too much sleep) affects your health.
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  • Social Jet Lag A

    Social Jet Lag: The Reason You're a Tired Mess on Mondays

    If getting up for work on Monday morning is a serious struggle, blame it on your social life and weekend habits.
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  • Narcolepsy Ch

    Super Tired All Day? Surprise, You Could Have Narcolepsy.

    Narcolepsy symptoms aren’t as obvious as you might imagine. Here, the under-the-radar signs of this mysterious sleep problem.
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  • 10 Signs Youre Sleep Deprived A

    10 Surprising Signs You're Sleep-Deprived

    You may think you're doing just fine on too little sleep, but the signs you're struggling are subtler than you'd imagine.
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  • Aska Alarm Clock A

    Ask a Scientist: Is It Really Bad to Hit Snooze?

    When you can't get out of bed in the morning, it's sometimes OK to hit snooze. Too much snoozing could be a problem, though.
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  • Aska Slept Tired A

    Ask a Scientist: I Got Extra Sleep Last Night. Why Am I So Tired?

    Getting more sleep doesn't necessarily mean you're going to get better sleep, or wake up feeling more energized.
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  • Sleep Stress Insomnia

    Does Stressing About Falling Asleep Keep You From Falling Asleep?

    Learn how to practice mindfulness all day to wind down easier and fall asleep quicker at night.
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  • How Sleep A

    How to Get to Sleep

    Fall asleep faster with tips from Dr. Oz and Dr. Roizen on sleep aids, managing sleep problems and avoiding insomnia.
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