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  • Swimsuit A

    The Best Swimsuits for Your Body Shape

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  • Summer Outfits A

    Cute Summer Weekend Outfits for Your Body Shape

    These chic ensembles—put together for your unique body type—will read cool even when it’s über hot.
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  • Date Night Lar

    Summer Date Night Outfits for Your Body Shape

    From a first meeting over cocktails to a long-overdue dinner with your significant other, why not pull out all the stops on date night? =
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  • Hats Face Shape Ch

    The Best Winter Hats for Your Face Shape

    Think you can't wear a hat? Think again. Here are the shapes and styles that work best with your face shape.
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  • Sunglasses Face Shape Ch

    This Summer's Most Flattering Sunglasses for Your Face Shape

    Protect your peepers in these stylish shades designed to balance and flatter your face shape.
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  • Wedding Gowns A

    When Did a White Wedding Gown Become a Symbol of Virginity?

    Over the years the white wedding gown has become perhaps the most recognized symbol of a bride’s purity, and yet that idea is far removed from its true origins.
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  • Winter Workout Gear

    Winter Workout Clothes That Keep You Warm

    The best winter workout clothes to wear this season.
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  • Ufp Gallery Lar

    Sun-Protective Clothing That Flatters Your Body Shape

    These UPF fashion finds will protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays without cramping your style.
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  • 6 Things Didnt Know Bra Ch

    6 Things You Didn't Know About Your Bra

    Eight out of 10 women are wearing a bra that's the wrong size. And did you know your bra has an expiration date?
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